Ministerial Training

Parish Mission is a distinguished and well acceptable program of the Seminary. The students are sent to different parishes of the Outside Kerala Region on Sundays for the Sunday Worship. It helps the students to enhance their talents in oratory, music and other ministerial aptitude and the parishes too are able to improve  the worship with the help of a seminarian. Each student serves the allotted parish for one semester, after which he would be given another parish. It is mainly structured for the students of class Two, Three and Five (Deacons).

Satsangh: Every fortnight, the students have a forum called the Satsangh for theological exchanges and debates on the current topics. Book reviews are also part of the Satsangh.

Student Exchange Programme: There is an exchange programme between STOTS and Orthodox Theological Seminary at Kottayam. The third batch of STOTS spends a semester at Kottayam while the fourth year students come to Nagpur for field-training for one semester.