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St.Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary is gradually growing as a center of the Malankara Orthodox Church in Central and North India. Not only does it cater to the needs of the diaspora population meaningfully but also does it create a new vision about the mission of the Church in a multi-lingual and multi-religious context. Moreover, the Seminary offers a stage for fruitful dialogues of Christian theologians with people of other faith affirmations. It is a place where both men and women of the Orthodox Church, study and teach theology and reflect to the challenges of the world and share their ideas for a better tomorrow, for the society and the church as a whole.

Our Vision

St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur (STOTS) is to be a centre of excellence in theological education, intends to train, in the spirit of Christ, men and women, to be committed leaders, dedicated ascetics and exemplary witnesses within the Orthodox ethos; who will consistently endeavor to enable members of the Church, especially in the diaspora, to uphold, practice and propagate the Holy Orthodox Faith; who will minister to the Church and Society responding to the emerging needs and challenges; and who will participate in, and inspire the church in her God-given mission in India and abroad.

Our Patron and Chancellor

H.H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II

Catholicos of the East &
The Malankara Metropolitan

Online Course

Diploma in Orthodox Studies programme is structured in such a way that even working people can join for this course. Anyone with minimum qualification of class XII (Secular) can enroll for this course. An enrolled student has to study eight units, attempt their online examinations and submit the assignments online.

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The quarterly magazine of the Seminary is growing as a mouthpiece of the Church in the Outside Kerala Region. It covers the It has successfully covered a wide range of topics such as Eschatology, Child Ministry, Eco-Spirituality etc.

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We stock Christian books, Liturgical books, Liturgical Items etc. Liturgical books in English, Hindi, Syriac and Malayalam are available here. Churches are welcome to take advantage of bulk purchases. Books published from MOC Books and Bodhana are available here.

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Rev.Fr. Dr.V.C. Samuel Memorial Library is a growing resource for all students and scholars of Christians in North India. Within the library, you will find a comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, historical documents and a wide range of books.

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