Bachelor of Divinity (B.D)

Affiliated to Senate of Serampore College (University)

The Degree of the Bachelor of Divinity (BD) of the Senate of Serampore is offered simultaneously with the Graduate of Sacred Theology (GST) of the Malankara Orthodox Church. The BD course is designed to equip persons for essential functions and ministries of churches in India who could commend their faith with relevance in the pluralistic context. The BD programme aims at an integrative and inter-disciplinary approach among the biblical, theological, historical and religious fields involving students in practical aspects of lifeand ministry in the regional, social and cultural contexts of the Indian sub-continent. It also gives adequate space in the discipline of linguistics for study of texts and provides hermeneutical tools and skills for understanding and interpreting the context of ministry. It is a four years programme. However, prospective applicants with a prior under graduate degree from recognized universities are granted direct admission into the second year.

Its curriculam, at different levels, emphasize study and research in areas such as religions, inter-religious dialogue, renascent movements in India, sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Cultural studies, poverty and developmental issues, social ethics etc. In-depth studies of Indian religions, Indian traditions and philosophy and modern movements are also undertaken. All studies, including Christian theologyare offered with contextual and cultural relevance.