Graduate in Sacred Theology (GST)

The Graduate in Sacred Theology (GST) is the academic credential for the ministerial programme of the Church. Since the ministerial programme of the Church aims at priestly ordination, it is currently only possible to provide the GST course to male members of the Malankara Orthodox Church sponsored through respective diocesan metropolitans, spiritual organizations and monasteries.

The candidates are selected through a process of written test and interview by the Faculty and with the approval of the Catholicos who is the Chancellor of the Seminary. This full time residential course is wholly intended to those dedicated towards a full time ministerial service.

The course structure is designed by the Faculty of the Seminary and approved by the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church. The Diploma, recognized by international Orthodox seminaries, is granted by the Seminary upon completion of a four and a half years course of study which teaches the Orthodox faith, worship and tradition.

Students get opportunities to integrate academic knowledge with practical ministry through SundayMission, Parish Mission and field works. Through this course the Seminary offers students special training in liturgy, liturgical hymns, teaching ministry, pastoral care and counselling.

The main branches of study are: Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Patristics, Liturgy and Spirituality, History of Malankara Church, History and Witness of Orthodox churches, Liturgical Music and Rituals, Biblical and other Classical Languages.